Create points symbology with more than one parameter

Create points symbology with more than one parameter

In QGIS i would like to create symbology for points layer where the symbology will take into account more than one parameter (currently two). i.e.: My points layer has street names and house numbers and i would like to have each street with a different symbol and each number with a different color. Each street_name+house_number is unique. I wouldn't mind if distant streets share symbols.

What will be the best way to achieve it in QGIS? Consider thatRule-basedsymbology is manual and i have many streets, i don't see it as a good solution for this specific problem.

There is no built-in method to automatically classify based on two different symbols with a symbology matrix in the end.

Data Defined Symbology

QGIS knows the concept of data defined symbology. This allows styling different aspects of the symbology each with an expression based on a different attribute. You can write aCASEstatement for the line symbology (e.g. dash spaces) based on the street name and an expression that generates color values from the number. You activate data defined symbology by clicking the small symbol with a letter E to the right of the symbology control.


You can write some python code that will create the symbology matrix for you and efficiently create a rule based symbology.

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